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Canada Imperial Electrical Power Group (CIEP Group) is located in Vancouver, B.C., the largest industrial, commercial, technological and cultural city on Canada’s west coast. Vancouver is renowned for its beautiful scenery and abundant resources and is becoming a global hub for clean energy and economic development.

CIEP Group is always on the cutting edge of the latest innovation and R&D in the electrical power industry. Currently our business focuses mainly on highly efficient renewable energy technology and we have enlisted the help of professors from world-renowned universities and experts in EPRI to continue researching and developing new technology. We are proud to offer green energy technology, engineering condition monitoring and diagnostic analysis services. We also manage the sale of the world’s most advanced measuring maintenance instrumentations and devices for HV transmission lines and substations.

Our products

Our products include SF6 gas filled switchgear monitor and maintenance devices, transmission/distribution lines, cable monitoring instruments and on-site monitoring systems for substations.

The global smart grid

The global smart grid is growing quickly due to the important role it plays in the areas of energy and economic development. As a result, the demand for high quality and more advanced technology and products will continue to rise.

CIEP Group has highly experienced human resources

CIEP Group has highly experienced human resources, both domestic and international, who are ready to offer practical and innovative solutions to the needs of customers worldwide. We provide the highest quality and safest products so we can help improve our living standards and the environment.

About us

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CIEP | New Coming | 2021-04-05

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Hydroelectric power

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