iSF6-1800S He Multi-Analyzer

The iSF6-1800S He Multi-Analyzer is applied to measure the humidity, helium, oxygen, and other components of the filling gas of GIS and other electrical switching equipment after helium detection.

Helium accounts for 23% of the universe, only second to hydrogen, and it is a rare gas with a low concentration. Currently, helium with industrial value (>0.1%) is mainly extracted from natural gas, with a maximum content of 7.5%. The Helium is a non-toxic, colorless and odorless inert gas, and it can be used as a medium in all objects without reaction under normal circumstances, making it the best choice for leak detection and tracer gas in industrial, medical, aviation and aerospace equipment.

iSF6-1800S He helium integrated analyzer is used for nitrogen and oxygen mixture measurement after helium leak detection on GIS switch. It measures nitrogen/oxygen ratio, helium residue, humidity, and chamber pressure, etc. by using high precision electronic flowmeter to realize automatic flow control. The advanced cold mirror technology and highly sophisticated sensors are used to measure humidity, and the thermal conductivity principle makes the analysis of He volume percentage more accurate. The instrument sets functions in one with real-time measurement, power & time management, file system, data management, etc. It is an ideal device for He detection with the combination of international advanced technology of sensor and information, touch screen and friendly human-computer interaction touch interface.

Key Features

  • Dew-point quick measurement
  • Synchronous measurement of Dew point / Humidity volume ratio / Mass ratio
  • Flow self-tuning
  • High performance He sensor
  • High stable oxygen sensor
  • Start measurement with one button
  • Large-capacity data storage
  • Temperature & pressure compensation
  • Self-sealing interface
  • Multilanguage selection
  • Color LCD touch screen
  • Overload protection


Dew point:
Measuring range: -60 °C~+20 °C
Measurement accuracy: -50°C~+20°C Calibration accuracy ±0.2 °C

Measurement settings:
He: Measurement range: 0~5%
       Measurement accuracy: 0.05% He
O2: Measurement range: 0~50%
       Measuring accuracy: 0.5% O2
N2: Measurement range: 0~90%
       Measurement accuracy: 0.5%N2 (based on other components)
CO2: Measurement range: 0~30%
         Measurement accuracy: ≤0.3%vol

Resolution: ±0.01

Response time: ≤20s 

Preheating time: ≤30min (Helium detection requirements)

Sampling flow: ≤1000ml/min (automatic adjustment)

Input pressure range: 0~1.0Mpa 

Data storage: >8000 groups

Data output: USB Key 

Power supply: AC 100-240V 50 or 60Hz; An external UPS is optional 

Display: Touch LCD screen directly displays dew point, moisture (PPM), He, oxygen, nitrogen, chamber pressure, time and date, and Chinese and English display, etc.

Installation: Integrated

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