iSF6 -1100 PRO Dewpoint Analyzer

With the iSF6-1100 PRO Dew Point Analyzer you will be able to perform precision frost/dew point measurements aswell as measurements of other parameters such as PPMv, pressure and temperature, etc. The iSF6-1100 PRO utilizes a full color active matrix liquid crystal display with an integral touch panel. It has a high contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle for easy readability. Data is displayed in large easy to read fonts.

The iSF6-1100 PRO Dew Point Analyzer is equipped with its gas recovery system, which can store the gas in an internal cylinder then send it back in GIS or an external air bag or a container or directly into the atmosphere according to the types of sample gas after measurement. The iSF6-1100 PRO will log the settings after completion for the first time using the custom settings, and in the future use of the automatic completion of the configuration. It is very easy to use USB Key to export data via general office software makes the data editing and archiving convenient.

Key Features


  • Fast response, easy operation
  • On screen operation
  • Auto flow control
  • High resolution digital flow meter
  • Unique design of purge to eliminate contamination for SF6
  • On-the-go system, no need warmup
  • Over flow reminder
  • Large storage capacity
  • Code protection
  • Document management
  • Data control software
  • TFT true color touch screen with energy saving
  • Multi language selection
  • Optional gas collection, safe and environment friendly
  • Robust and convenient transport case



Measuring Range
Frost/Dew point: -60°C ~ +30°C
Humidity content by volume: 10.7 ~ 43749 ppmv
Humidity content by weight: 6.6 ~ 27211 ppmw
Inlet pressure, absolute: 1 ~ 10bar

Frost/Dew point: ±2 °C
Pressure: ± 0.4 % FS

Standard Features
Data storage: Flash/USB Key
Internal gas tubes: Stainless steel 316 L / FEP
Gas connections: Self-sealing quick connect fitting
Couplings: Self-sealing SF6 coupling DN8 and DN20
External sample gas tube: Self-sealing 6 m stainless steel armored PTFE tubing
Transport case: Peli 1440
Power cable: 2.5 m / 10 A / 125 V
Operation manual: English, Chinese simplified
Calibration certification: 5-point frost/dew point

Optional     Flowrate Set Point
SF6:          400 mL/min
Air/N2:      1000 mL/min

Additional Information
Supply voltage: 100-240 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Input protection: T8 A / 250 V fuse
Power consumption: 215 W
Pump discharge pressure max.: 10 bar
Cooling: Air
Operation conditions: 0°C ~ +40 °C 10 ~ 90% @ 40 °C , non-condensing
Storage conditions: -20°C ~ +50 °C 10 ~ 90% @ 40 °C , non-condensing
Outdoor use: Permissible, instrument must be protected against exposure to water

Dimension: 19.7'' x 18.0'' x 12.0'' (500mm x 457mm x 305mm)
Weight: 24 kg

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Manual downloads

Brochures downloadsdownloadable resources please click here

Brochures, Manual, Quick Start Guides, Software etc.

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